Creating a system that ensures livability for all people who live, work, and play in Muskegon County

Our Unique Approach to Change

How Muskegon County used the 100-Day Challenge model to create Livability Lab

Innovative & Action-Oriented

The 100-Day Challenge is a model for community change that seeks to inspire collective action toward a common vision.

This approach places the focus on smaller 'wins' that contribute to a larger impact.

Through this process, teams form around specific issues and take 100 days to work toward achieving ambitious and concrete results.

Community-Driven &
Data Informed

The 100-Day Challenge process is a community-led model, which means it is based on the idea that people are the experts on their own lives.

Through one-on-one interviews, focus groups, resident surveys, and data from local groups, the Livability Lab design team learned what Muskegon County residents consider to be the most significant challenges in their lives, and what changes could make biggest impact in the community.

Cross-Sector & Collaborative

This model has been used in other areas to tackle one specific sector or issue. But based on resident data and feedback, a broader vision for Muskegon's 100-Day Challenge came into focus.

It became clear that the best way to make an impact in Muskegon County was for people from a variety of sectors -- including business, neighborhoods, healthcare, and education -- to come together to improve "livability" for residents.