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The United Way of the Lakeshore, Mercy Health Muskegon, the Community Health Innovation Region (CHIR) and many others convened a 100-Day Challenge Summit, the Livability Lab,  on September 10, 2019 to bring together individuals and groups from every sector throughout our county to mobilize around a common vision of livability. 

The CHIR has chosen to focus the 100-Day Challenge process on creating a system where all Muskegon County residents have access to good health and well-being; and, that our community will not only thrive, but that all residents and families will have the opportunity to individually prosper and reach their full potential.

launch day was extraordinary! 19 teams ready to get work!



Email for more information.

If you are ready to participate in working toward the future we want in Muskegon County, in cross-sector teamwork, and  learning new skills, there is still plenty of opportunity to get involved. Join a challenge team, or provide additional input or feedback, or any number of ways to get and stay involved! Fill out the form above and stay informed! Also, follow Livability Lab on Facebook and Twitter.

Muskegon County: potential for optimum livability

Cross-sector Perspectives + Human-centered Design = a Healthy and Thriving Muskegon County

Muskegon County Social Determinants of Health

Livability (noun): Livability is the sum of the factors that add up to a community’s quality of life—including the built and natural environments, economic prosperity, social stability and cohesion, healthcare, educational opportunity, and cultural, entertainment and recreation possibilities.

After months of preparation, and compiling information and feedback, we have collectively begun to take action! We are energized, inspired, and focused on the work it will take to move our community in the direction we all envision. September 10 was the launch, but the real work begins now! Help take us to the next level in the 100-day challenge that is unfolding now.

100-day challenge is happening now!

Muskegon's 100-Day Challenge - You in?

The Livability Lab is the catalyst event for bringing all sectors - business, education, health, neighborhood associations, faith-based organizations, non-profit, government, and more -  in the Muskegon community together to address strengths and areas of concern regarding our overall livability index. Together we'll apply new skills that support positive systems change.

The 100-day Challenge is like the R&D, or research and development phase, that businesses use to successfully introduce new products and services. A place to be creative, take risks, think differently, get client feedback, and review and refine the process.

Local coaches, trained by Michigan State University's ABLe Change leaders, are an ongoing part of the Challenge Team  process at the Lab, and will guide with proven techniques and skills that help move the conversation forward and spark creative ideas and solutions. 

It's important that we have participation from as many people as possible,  anyone who lives, works, and plays in Muskegon County, to get a true representation of our community.

We have spent the last year gathering community input, from attending  neighborhood association meetings and resident programs, to large community conversations, to hundreds of in-person interviews. We gathered 300 people together on September 10 and shared additional information and formed Challenge Teams. There is still much time ahead for anyone who wishes to get involved - if you haven't already, please participate in the conversation! Send us an email though the form above to get on the mailing list, or if you have direct questions email them to

Supported by the muskegon community health innovation region

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Mercy Health United Way of the Lakeshore

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Logos above represent a partial list of leaders working together in this initiative. Participants from diverse sectors including business, education, neighborhood associations, government, non-profit, and more.