Creating a system that ensures livability for all people who live, work, and play in Muskegon County

Livability Lab 4.0: Building Community Together

September 26, 2023 @ Barclay Place

Join neighbors from across the county for this FREE EVENT where we will work together to make positive changes for our community!

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Livability means the sum of things that add up to quality of life

Action Teams focused their efforts on 5 Livability Elements, identified as priorities by the community

Economic Opportunity

LIVABILITY GOAL: Residents are prosperous and financially stable


LIVABILITY GOAL: Residents are experiencing holistic health and wellbeing

Safety & Security

LIVABILITY GOAL: Residents feel safe & secure at all times


LIVABILITY GOAL: Residents have the knowledge and skills to thrive

Social Connection & Trust

LIVABILITY GOAL: Residents have relationships that demonstrate a sense of belonging, loyalty, trust & responsibility