Creating a system that ensures livability for all people who live, work, and play in Muskegon County

The Framework

Livability Lab 3.0: Community Goals & Data for Achieving the Vision

The 2022 Livability Lab framework was developed through more than 450 resident surveys (including 50 Spanish-language surveys.) The visual representation shows how the pieces are interconnected.

Livability Elements (in the light blue circle) represent what people need to thrive and prosper in Muskegon County.

Community Conditions (each in its own orange circle) represent what needs to be in place across the county to promote the livability elements and achieve the Vision (shown in the dark blue center circle).

To learn more and get details about the elements, community conditions, and related data, download the Livability Lab 3.0 Framework & Data booklet.

  • Navigate the PDF document by clicking on an element or condition in the framework graphic to access data specific to that area.
  • Click on the Livability Lab logo at any time to return to the graphic